is there a way to turn off the icon toolbar at the top?

i like to hit F11 and use the full screen while working and it would be nice to be able to disable the top icon toolbar. everything i would need can be accessed from the menus anyway and, with the exception of the preview button, i never really use it anyway. so if there is a way, please let me know. :) if there isn't... then perhaps a feature request is in order. :)

thanks all!

Am not aware of any way to turn any part of the app off at this time. Something to maybe post in the Ideas forum and see if anyone else is interested enough to warrant that change. I use it always so I can't say it would help me any. I export a lot for testing specific things at specific times so it's pretty necessary for me to have it all visible, but ... :)

@Jo - thanks. i appreciate that many do use the buttons, i was just jonesing for the option to turn it off. :) looks like i'm off to post in Ideas! thank you!