Is there a way to use Bootstrap Studio as a regular ide?

I'd like to develop more good practices and write all the html, css and javascript myself instead of using pre prepared code, is there any way to do it in Bootstrap Studio?

What would be the point of that? Use a basic HTML editor/Text editor if you want to do it all yourself. The whole point behind BSS is to not only use one of the best frameworks, but to also make it easier and faster to use create things saving us the time and effort it takes to make things ourselves.

Having said that, although you cannot just "write the code" for the HTML yourself, you can easily use the built in components to make your elements yourself which would be as close to coding it yourself as you should need it to be. For the CSS and JS you can do all of that yourself except for the default Bootstrap code which you will need to overwrite should you need it to be different.

That is the closest you will ever want to get to coding it yourself within a visual system. If that's not what you want, then you'll need to go to your favorite code editor and do it.

NOTE: There is one other way, but it's not suggested because it's not as convenient as coding it yourself outside of BSS, and it would negate any use of BSS really. You can code your pages and import them into BSS, but there would be no point to it, BSS would do nothing for you feature wise at all.

Hi, you can write your own code using a "Custom Code" component.

But, Bootstrap Studio is NOT able to let you do all the job by hand (but, BSS is here to save your time composing your page/template, etc). I'm using BSS to compose my template, then i export the code i need in HTML and i'm editing the result with Brackets, who let you edit the code (but no help). If you want to write your own code from start to end, you do not need an editor like BSS. Take a look at Sublime Text, Brakets (my choice),

BSS is not the only tool you need to work. It is a real time saving editor, such as Pinegrow (one of the best, but expensive), Pingendo, etc