Is there any online preview system available for components?

There are many components made my users and are available on "Online" tab of the component panel. The previews here are too small and are static. I am sure this components are stored somewhere on the Bootstrap Studio's server. I am curious that is there any link to this repository where other users can see the working preview of the component before downloading?

Unfortunately no. WYSIWYG (pun intended) lol. Easiest way to check them out is to load up a new blank project and install the ones you're interested in.

There are also many more than what you actually see on those lists and you'll have to search for specific words or phrases, or something to get to see all of them that you are looking for. We've asked for a better system for these for years, but so far no love there. They do have them separated now by which version (3 or 4) they go with, but that's about all that's been added to that for quite some time.

I would be happy if they simply added another topic to the Forum for online component discussion, that way people could announce when they've posted new components, describe them, any special requirements to use them, and we'd have a better way of separating the "wheat from the chaff" (and trust me, there's a lot of chaff up there!) People tend to post a lot of custom code snippets they've copied from various online resources, and that's why there are so many components without preview images. To get a good preview image, you need to be able to see the results of your component in the BSS work area.

I try to only post high quality components, and mainly ones that can be edited through the BSS interface (or at least by editing the CSS.) I'm not fond of downloading a component only to find I have to wade through a custom HTML code block to make changes. I might as well write the HTML myself.

Personally, I've found few online components that are done well enough that I want to use them in my own websites, though I have downloaded a couple and modified them to be more "correct."

One thing that would immediately make the online search better is if you could search for components by the name people use in the forums. I suppose people could use their forum name within the name of their component, but it would be easier if it just worked that way in the search. One good thing is if you do find a component you like, you can then click it, and then click their user name in the preview, and see other components they've uploaded. For example, if you search for the word "Ultimate", you'll find two components I've uploaded - Ultimate Testimonial Slider and Ultimate Sidebar Menu. When you preview one, you can then click my user name, and see the other three components I've uploaded.

Unfortunately, once you've uploaded a component and named it, you can't rename it without removing it from the library, renaming in BSS, and then re-sharing it, otherwise I'd go through all my shared components and just put my user name in front of them, so people could easily search for any component shared by Printninja.

Maybe one of the devs will see this and add some input.

(PS - while it may sound ethnically biased, I believe all the component names should be in English, since that's the language the program interface uses.)