Is there anyway to prevent BS writing inline styles?

Nevermind. The second after I wrote this it occurred to me that I just had to choose the style attribute in the panel.

<hr />


I just started using BS and I really don't like how it does all the styling in the html. Is there anyway to force BS to write the styling in the css file instead? Or do I have to write the CSS myself?

Edit - just saw your edited reply after I posted - glad you found the styles pane

If you use the css options in the rh menu then it will add css inline.

If you want to avoid this then yes you will have to write your own css (which is easy to do) by copying the bootstrap defaults into your own custom style sheet and away you go ?

You can use the CSS options in the panel, you just have to choose the choice to create the CSS in a CSS file. There's a choice in that dropdown for that so just don't hit the button without choosing that first. Then it will write them to a CSS file instead of inline.