Is there maybe a mem leak in the Mac Version? Issue with visuals

So ... I'm working on a project and decide I want to take something from another project to add to the project I'm working on.

  • I open the new project so now I have both projects open. I get the item the other and paste it successfully into the project I'm working on, all is good.
  • I work on a bunch of things after that, and have left the other project open in case I need anything else from it.
  • Working, working all is good, talk on phone, go get mail outside, and so on and so for and the app is open for about 1 1/2 hours give or take a few minutes.
  • I decide I don't need the other project open anymore and close it. The Browser preview closes and changes to the open project. All good till I look at the project in the app.
  • Now I have a combo of both projects in the app, parts from the other project have bled into the current project ... but this is only visual. It's not real. The browser preview is showing how the site should look and is all good, only in the BSS preview is it messed up.
  • I close the project and reopen it, same thing, open a backed up copy of the project, same thing.
  • I close the BSS app and reopen it and all is good. Everything is back to normal.

I ask about a mem leak for a few reasons.

  1. Many times the app messes up with tabs menu's not being right
  2. App locks up periodically, but not often enough that it's made me report it.
  3. Gets stuck in something making me restart the App, and when the app is shut down it takes sometimes over 45 seconds to a minute for it to close.
  4. And now this visual bleeding from multiple projects.

Something isn't right somewhere. I've had an issue at another time with something visual, I'll have to go find the post as I'm pretty sure I reported it.

Hopefully this information helps and doesn't cause more headaches for you, but this one scared me a bit when I saw that project meshing. I was afraid to save it at first, and if I hadn't seen it in the browser preview as showing correctly I may have closed it and lost a bunch of work for no reason since it was a visual glitch.

If there is something you think might be messing up on my computer, I'm all ears too (ok eyes lol) as I've had very little issues with my Mac since I've gotten it, but that doesn't mean it can't be my Mac doing it so suggestions on that would be helpful if you think it's on my end.