Isolated edition

I have some elements that are hidden by default. Now, to edit their content, I have to style them to be seen on screen. It would be nice if we could edit them in isolated view, without any styles applied, by choosing from overview panel.

Items hidden from view are not missing from the Overview panel. You can select them and the settings will all still show up on the screen for editing in the Style pane. The only thing you can't do is edit the content itself which since we don't have an actual HTML editor (HINT HINT DEVS!!) there's just no way around that.

You can use Labels to easily find your hidden items as well in the Overview pane. Just right click the item, choose Label and type the label in there. I tend to name things for what they are so it's easy to manage in the tree, and if it's hidden I mark it so, making hidden items easier to find as well.

The moral of the story is, it's in there already, you can navigate to all except the viewable part of the preview window as the app is right now.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

@Jo: Changing the settings is one thing, viewing the result of these changes is another. Also, as you say, you can't change the contents.

Unless you're working with Custom Code then all you have to do is flip a switch, so to speak, to edit those items. You don't edit it out in your CSS, you click it in the options settings to tell it if you want it visible and when. It's a matter of highlighting the item, turning it on/off in the settings, simple as that really. If it's an item that has the sub menu that shows up at the top, it's as simple as clicking the "Show" or "Hide" buttons. I don't see how it could be made much easier really without it being confusing as to what is visible and what isn't.

@jo: Thanks for anwser, but no, it's not there. As You have written, there's no possibility to edit hidden elements. And it's not that simple as flip a switch, since many things are hidden by CSS and for good reason of editability of layout (I do not imagine having 20 modals shown at once!) - so either I had to d-none them on and off per item in settings, or to make them display per item, edit, hide back. That's ugly way of doing it. Not to mention, that there may be more rules of showing / hiding content.

What I propose, is adding an option to right-click context menu in overview: edit content. It would open something like custom code editor, or another window isolated from styles, in which it would be possible to edit content.