Issue Implementing BSS with JSPs on Netbeans


I am having an issue with using my BSS designs. I have a Java project on Netbeans, and am trying to style my JSPs. It seems like it is not reading anything from my assets folder. The general link to online bootstrap seems to be the only thing that is working and reading correctly. The links in my head tag are above.

Would really appreciate any help with this. Thank you!

Don’t expect a reply as I’m not sure how many users user net beans (I for one don’t), and your query is about using another product.

Sorry I can’t be much of a help

Edit: looking at the general url - that’s being hosted in a server where as your assets are not as they are relative links. Maybe that’s why?

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I suggest you post your question in the Webdesign Help category, as this category is is really for questions pertaining to the use of the Bootstrap Studio program.