issue with import

Hi I am facing a issue while importing a website Image is broken navigation is broken link is broken scroll is broken nothing works

I was able to make image work but apart from that navigation doesnt collapse, scroll transition doesnt work and bg of img doesnt work how do i solve these seems like a bug?

other editors like pinegrow pingendo are working without any issue

My guess is you have imported the site, but the files now need to be transposed to accommodate the file structure that BSS utilizes? Guessing here, but that seems to be about the only thing I can think of that would make a lot of things not work.

BSS uses the "assets" folder to put all the JS, CSS, IMG, FONTS and BOOTSTRAP files so your HTML pages will need to be adjusted to accommodate that. As I said, it's a guess, but that's probably the culprit.

Best way to handle most of this, especially for images, would be to be sure all images are imported and in the folder you want them to be in (categorized how you want them basically) then either replace each of the photos with the one in the images listing in BSS or right click an image in the list to get it's path and replace that in the image location path.

Same with any scripts you imported. If you import any JS files, they will now reside in "assets/js/filename.js" so you'll need to adjust any script paths in your HTML files as well which should then fix your navigation and broken links etc.

This app doesn't work like Pinegrow, you can't really compare it for this type of functionality because they are totally different setups. This one has a proprietary file setup that is specific and cannot be changed within the app. Pinegrow has a bit more flexibility there and allows you to use any file tree structure you want so you can adjust as needed. In BSS you'll need to adjust your HTML files to accommodate BSS file structure.

Try that and let us know if that fixes your issues.

files are accomodated to there place

I will check it

after importing got the style but not the transitions and all I will check it again now


not working i did as you mentioned anlso the way i tried didnt worked

tried with assets tried with js tried without both 100% confid not working

Not sure what else to tell you, maybe someone else will have some ideas to try. Hard to know exactly when we don't have the files you're importing to check them ourselves, but hopefully someone else has a clue.

Here it is This the theme i m playing with

Ok wow I lost my whole post! and it explained a lot! So here's a recap I guess. Link to updated theme that is all working:

Things to consider when importing full sites:

  1. All images will need to be updated twice. first to make sure they are working you include no directories, only the file name as you'll see in the html file and css. Second after you have all your images added to the page and satisfied, you will need to add the /assets/ folder to the path so that after the site is exported it will read the files in the right locations.

  2. All CSS (only if you add custom ones really) and JS will need to be reordered within BS so that it reflects the original order that is on the page.

  3. All JS references need to be removed from the footer and header areas of the page as it should all be imported into BS at that point.

  4. All fonts should to be imported into the project via the Google Fonts setup in BS. References should be removed from the page as well same as the JS is/was. BS will add these things on export then as it should.

That's pretty much it, that should make sure all things are working as long as all the files, images, etc. are included correctly.

Having said all that, I would highly suggest redoing this site yourself in BS as it's all common components that you will find already prebuilt within BS either in the main UI section or in the Online Components that others have already created. This site would probably take you a couple hours and you'd have it all redone from scratch and that would give you a much more updated version as well since this theme was built using Bootstrap 3.3.5 which is quite a bit behind the current version of Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap Studio actually starts with version 3.3.7 which was around quite a long time before version 4 came out so why start out with something that's old when you don't have to? Just a thought.

Anyways, hope this helps and good luck with whichever way you decide to go. I will leave the download there for you for a couple days so please get it soon. Enjoy!

Grt explanation. Thankyou so much for this I dont know how to check as this is the first theme I have played with. I m new to BOOTSTRAP and STUDIO Thnks again

At this point the only thing you should need to do is alter the images after you are satisfied with them. I say after that, simply because once you add the "assets" folder to the pathway of each of the images (both in the HTML and the CSS file), you will not be able to see them in the Previews at all because the app is looking for them in the next lower directory and not in the assets folder. Kind of a flaw of the app really, it should mimic how it will be when it's exported so we can more easily know exactly how things will be at that time. Not sure why it doesn't, but unfortunately it doesn't so we need to work around it. This is only because you are importing and that means the entire site is a Custom Code block more or less. This isn't the case if you build the site within BS itself though, then all things work as they should all the time, well most of the time haha.

Play around with it and learn how it all works and get to know it and then give redoing the site a try and see how it goes for you. Not like you can mess it up right? It's all a learning process in the end and that's always a good thing :)