Issues displaying image in basic fancy box gallery in bootstrap studio

Hello everyone: Can someone please help me. I am having issues displaying images in the bootstrap studio basic fancy box gallery. The images are mine. When I click on the image nothing displays but the placeholder for the image displays with a circle in the middle of it. Again the issues is related to the image due to the fact that once it is clicked on the image doesn't display. Thanks.

Sounds like you don't have any images added to the part of the component that shows the larger images. These types of scripts usually need an image setup for both the small on page size and the larger popup size. Check to be sure you've set up both.

Thanks Jo for your reply. I have tried in vain adding the images in the built in components so that once clicked it can be displayed in a larger format. I tried copying the link or a href & its attributes, yet it doesn't display the larger images. Please help. Thanks.

I did forget a very important question actually. Are you clicking these in the app or in a browser preview? They may not work in the app itself as many things scripted won't actually "function" in the app. If that's the case, use the browser preview and see if they work there. If you've already tried that, then I'm out of answers for you as I don't use that feature on any of my client's websites. Most of my lightbox type components are external or too involved to build them or the app doesn't have enough features for me to build them manually so they are custom code for now.

Are you adding the picture to both the "Link" and the "Image" tag in the "Overview" window?

You select the "Link" in the overview tab and then click on the "Options" tab on the right and add the image through the "URL" option and then do the same for the "Image" tag with the "Source URL"

Thanks Jo & Windy. I managed to make it work.