Issues with Re-Named Componets

Well CSS files first.

Configuring Light Box Gallery I renamed the main CSS file before editing, opening in Notepad++ it still had the original file name. On closing BS and reopening the file opened with its correct name in Notepad++.


Thank you for reporting this! This isn’t an easy issue to solve. If you open the file in an external editor, we want it to keep working with the old name even after you rename the file in Bootstrap Studio.

And each internal file gets a single external one. So it’s not clear at which point it’s ok to rename the external instance to match the file in Bootstrap Studio.

I’m not sure if I’m following this correctly, but it sounds to me that he renamed the file “before” opening it in Notepadd++ via BSS. If that’s the case, then that file should definitely have the new name and the old name should be gone completely unless of course there’s another file with the name on it.

If he opened it and then renamed it, then yes I could see that the file name would have to remain the old one until it is closed.

Can you clarify this for us @iang?

Yes, I renamed it before opening in Notepad++. I guess the point is that the renamed CSS is then saved with its matching renamed component. It’s important to keep edited files distinct from the BSS originals.

I’ve done this quite a few times with no issues at all,it happened just this one session and I tried multiple times. Closing and then re-opening BSS and the issue was resolved.


That reply hung for a few days :smiley:

The issue is simple the CSS files are loaded with the Element renaming has no effect on what’s already loaded in memory, or rather it’s hit and miss.

If you save and close Bootstrap Studio there’s no issues at all on re-opening. I have a large website to revamp and make responsive, over 2Gb, with new image scans that’ll go to maybe 4+ Gb, I’ve an option to split some content to two other websites.

At the moment I’m still building the basic frame work with Bootstrap Studio and it’s going well, a few difficult obstacles that are actually simple with the right information.