Issues with targeting elements in various sizes - Mac Version

This is a NEW issue. Elements un-target when you click around from size to size. Usually when going from a large to a small and back to a large, but not always the same ones so I can't find a pattern on it. Very very very very irritating.

This is an OLD issue and I could swear I posted about it over a year ago or so, but I can't find the post. It's been this way a long time. The super bad reason the above bug is so irritating is because it's almost impossible to target anything in the Visual Preview area in the smaller screen sizes. Usually from tablet on down. All I can usually get is the outer containers or rows/columns etc. That means, when you're clicking back and forth to test a specific element, and you need to change something you almost always have to go back to the large size, re-find the element again and target it, then resize to the smaller size again. It's a pain in the arse without a doubt!

The moral of the story is ... the new bug made me re-report the old one lol.

Have a similar issue on Mac with Tables. Cannot select certain Rows in the visual editor, they just stop working and become un-selectable?!? Really frustrating


I randomly cannot select the last 2 Table Rows?!?

Thank you for reporting this! Any ideas how we can reproduce these issues? Does this happen on a specific design or any design with specific markup?

Its also happens with Nav items in the Navbar component.

The project I'm currently working on consists of a Header element with a background image, and the Navbar, that is it.

Can I email the file to you. This bug simply renders BS unusable, which I'm not best pleased about after paying for a new yearly licence a couple of days ago :(

Ah I think I may have found the bug when using the Navbar. For the Nav element, if its Alignment is set to Default, the text is editable, and elements selectable...


..but if I align to the Right, the Nav Item and Link elements are no longer editable or selectable...