Javascript error when exporting minified version

Hi Guys, First I would like to thank you for your product. I have enjoyed using it and learning Bootstrap.

I ran into an issue when posting my website. I have several pages that use a js that I created. If I post the site normally, everything works fine. If I select “Minify Javascript and CSS” int the export settings, then the function on the page does not work.

Any ideas?

My js skills are minimal, but you could try running the minified js file through something like this, and maybe it will spot the error.

(FWIW, minifying your code has a minimal effect on page load speed, especially now that mostly everyone has LTE mobile and broadband home/business. Unless you’re truly worried that your page is taking an SEO hit due to slow loading, or your website visitors are stuck with slow ISPs, I wouldn’t worry too much about minifying.)