Js directory instead of single file

Can it support the entire js directory to be imported by an external IDE instead of editing it one by one as it is now?

You can open more than one file, i dont get why would it be something so biggy. It doesn’t really change alot honestly. Its good as it is imho

Not sure if I understand it correctly @dickykreedz , but I think he means for importing purposes rather than editing. In other words, I believe he wants to import a full directory of JS files via a CDN? If I have that correctly of course lol. I don’t know the answer to that though, sorry @tacbin , but I’m sure someone does. But …

If the IDE means an external drive and you want to import multiple files at one time, just create the directory in BSS that you want to have them in, then highlight them all on your external drive and drag them to that folder.

Hopefully one of these covers the question :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to edit mjs files in webstorm ide,webstorm makes coding more easily.

:joy:But Webstorm IDE can give me more advice,single mjs file not

Ah I see, so @dickykreedz had a better idea of what you meant than I did. No surprise there when it comes to JS lol.

I also don’t see this as anything truly advantageous. If you have multiple JS files and keep a local copy of them so that they are only edited externally, then just update the code as needed and reimport them. Just as quick as it would be for the team to add something like this I think.

Who knows, Martin may have thoughts on it that are different than ours too. :slight_smile:

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