JS does not work inside of the bootstrap studio, but it works in the preview

I try to use some simple card slide effect in cdnjs, it is worked when I first implemented in the both sides, but when I opened again, the bootstrap studio side does not work, but it works in the preview side on my chrome. I have tries to change the order of my JS files, bu it does not work. And I would like to add some screen shot of my issue, but failed.

English please, and use firefox for screenshots also what's the point of using js if you got css lol? also aos lib is implement inside bss, so no biggy to use js at all, else it's normal that in the preview panel alot of stuff doesn't pop up or doesn't work at all, there's for a reason "live preview". Please try to explain your "problem" more deep, cause I don't see any problem or I don't understand your problem.

@DickyKreedz Was that meant to be a helpful answer? Because it sounds kind of insulting IMO. This person obviously doesn't speak English as their native language, so they did the best they could to ask a question. And FYI there a numerous reasons to use Javascript alongside CSS. CSS cannot do everything Javascript does.

To the OP, it is not unusual for third-party js scripts to not work inside Bootstrap Studio, but work in the preview window. This is normal behavior. In order to post screen captures, you'll need to upload the images to a location online (like Flickr, Photobucket, etc, or your own server) and then share the URL in your post. This forum doesn't allow you to upload images directly.

bootstrap studio

preview side

I have uploaded two images of my situation. The first one is in the bootstrap studio, it does not have a slide effect, the second one is in the preview side, the cards can slide in. The question is that I need to do some CSS work on the slide arrow, now I can not even see it in the studio, I have no idea how to do it. Thanks very much for your reply. @ Printninja

Lots of the features are fulfilled in JS, I don't see there is a contradiction between CSS and JS. Using Firefox for screenshots does not solve the issue to post an image here, because it requires a URL. Please save your arrogance. @dickykreedz

Thank you for starting this thread! JS doesn't run in Bootstrap Studio which is on purpose. It does run when previewing, so you can test your work in the browser.

@knowles Preview your website in a browser and then use the browser's inspection tool to identify the CSS you need to modify. Then add/change those classes in Bootstrap studio. I do this all the time.