json suport & nav side option

as i tried to use a pre-existing java script library i noticed json cant be imported to configer the library custom js frameworks cant be modify with json tho so my request is to add json compatibility

aswell as missing the option to discplay the xs sized dropdown(hamberuger menu) used for phone sized devices users are forced to have it by droping down instead of a left or right nav menu for phone divices i hope those items are been added soon

Ps can some1 explain me how to remove the gradiant from a button or dropdown boostrap4 has disabled it by default studio is yet 3

Javascript does not run inside the app. "One thing to keep in mind is that in the app itself HTML is sanitized and JavaScript is removed for security reasons. But your code is included exactly as it is when you preview and export your pages." https://bootstrapstudio.io/forums/topic/version-2-2-is-out/

For this reason JSON requests, manipulation and embedding is not possible, because it requires some form of scripting to take place. It should work in a browser preview setting, just not the live view within the app it's self.

For the hamburger nav issue, I think someone has posted in the online tab some nav component that works like you think. Although, I'm not sure if it's a normal nav then in mobile view it's a side nav.

The gradient issue is based on the default "Theme" used by the BSS app. Switching the theme should remove all the gradients. To do that, in the top left of the app click on the Settings button. This will popup a dialog where you can manage the themes, probably just select the "Bootstrap Without Theme" options then click save.