Just bought bootstrap studio and have some nooby questions

hey everybody,

just bought bootstrap studio and have been playing around with the interface but I do face some challenges that I don't immediately find an answer for by myself.

for example I create a navbar which has 2 links (sign up and sign in). the index page has the sign in form and I created a new page (sign up page) where I copied basically the index page but now I want to change for example the active link from the index page -> sign in link, and expand on the component Login Form clean, by this I mean adding some more input fields.

clicking in the html to change the class="nav-link active" to the other list item for example it not doing anything for me.

also adjusting the component to add more fields and move the elements around is a total question for me

so any input or insight in how to do this would be much appreciated

sorry for the noob questions

I have the same issue. Anyone who can help?