Keep a "Recently Used" list of components

Web pages tend to be repetitive in their construction. For example 'div' is used a lot. Currently the user has to type the name of each component to select it in the component pane.

I would like to suggest that BS keep a dynamic list of recently used components. Ideally, in a pane below the component pane and above the overview pane. That would avoid having to type out the name of each component. It could be just selected from the list.

Thank you.

I would like to suggest taking this one step further - a customizable panel of "favorite" components that we could just drag into from the main component list. I find that I tend to use about 8-10 components constantly (heading, paragraph, link, image, container, row, column, icon, div) and it is a pain to have to either type or scroll around for them.

I have a folder named favorites.

Yes please to Printninja's suggestion.

+1 to recently used and/or even a way to add default components to a Often Used list (which you cannot do with a Favorites folder @Twinstream). I too have a Favorites folder, but it contains self created Custom Code components and components downloaded from the Online components. That's great, but it would be really great to have the recently used ones show up for us. Maybe have it show up similar to the Suggested ones where the Recently Used could show above or below that part?

Amazing idea! I would like to see something like this since im using pretty often same componets and it would save some time and would be more comfortable to work with it if we would get feature like favourites or smth