Key Combo missing for removing <br>

Please add the key combo for effectively turning the
in a text block into a new next block of the same type into the Key Combo list. I looked through it a bunch of times to make sure I wasn’t missing it and then just experimented till I found it (was faster than trying to scour the forums for the post lol).

We could more easily send people to that page of the docs when they ask about how to get rid of that extra <br> that keeps showing up in various text blocks upon creation. Hopefully a fix will come son that takes care of that, but until then this work around helps a lot, but would be nice to have a reference easily available to forum posters.


Text Editing

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Edit Text Element Enter Enter
Empty Text Element And Edit Backspace Delete
Bold Ctrl + B Command + B
Italic Ctrl + I Command + I
Underline Ctrl + U Command + U
Toggle Link Ctrl + K Command + K
Insert New Line Shift + Enter Shift + Enter
Insert Into New Text Block Alt + Shift + Enter Alt + Shift + Enter
Insert Non-Breaking Space (&nbsp;) Shift + Space Shift + Space
Delete Left Word Ctrl + Backspace Option + Delete
Delete Right Word Ctrl + Delete Option + Forward Delete
Move To Start Of Line Home Command + Left Arrow
Move To End Of Line End Command + Right Arrow
Move To Previous Word Ctrl + Left Arrow Option + Left Arrow
Move To Next Word Ctrl + Right Arrow Option + Right Arrow
Select Previous Word Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Option + Shift + Left Arrow
Select Next Word Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Option + Shift + Right Arrow
Select All Text Ctrl + A Command + A


Interesting, where are you seeing that? I’ve hit the key shorcut links via both inside the app and directly from the website link and this is what I see. It’s not there:

Thank you for the suggestion! We added the combo to the page as “Split Text Element at Caret”.

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Alt + Enter is shorter and does the same thing.

I use Shift + Enter and Alt + Enter a lot when editing text. I miss a shortcut for converting a Paragraph to Heading, for that we have to right click on the paragraph

Thanks @martin that will help find it again later for me and many others I’m sure.

@kuligaposten it’s been shift+alt+enter for quite some time, I just never remember what the combo is as I don’t always bother with removing them right away and usually do that cleanup when I’m almost done with a site. Definitely a lazy issue LOL.

You are right, my mistake, the shift isn’t needed. The docs were updated with the correct combo.

I can’t think of an easy shortcut that isn’t used already. Any preferences on what the combo should be?

Alternatively we can add a “Change” command to the Command Palette that does this.