Layout problem


I was wondering if someone could help me with my layout. I have tried but can't seem to figure out what I have done wrong. My rows either seem to be in each other or I have missed something out as the row below is narrower than the top!



How did you do that?? "Custom code"? I think so, because there are many closing tags missing for the sections and divs


after your last div.

You should create that site with Bootstrap Studio Objects and not with custom code.

And if you want to have that both looks the same... Make it in BTS custom code - and duplicate the section

Or you have to look trough the code and see where it is different (which costs time)

@asmiles, look at your source code. You start off with a DIV then comment for Start Location Card Rogue. Inside that your other card starts with DIV comment etc... I don't know if it was intended for that second card to be embedded within the first card. If not, grab the second card DIV and inside BSS drag and drop it on the BODY element within the Overview pane (bottom/left). That will drop it below the second card and it will then appear like the first one.


Thanks for the feedback :-) I'll take a look at your suggestions.