Learning by example

Hi. I use several different editors, each with their own requirements. Is it possible to "monitor" responses to questions people ask other than by visibly "replying" to the question? Kinda like learning from others examples. The way I've been doing it leaves my name there with a blank response box - misleading for the person asking the question.

haha so that's why you have so many blank posts! lol, j/k I figured that's what it was.

You can hit the Subscribe link in the top right of any thread and it will email you then. :)

You can also do this to the main Forum categories, but unfortunately it only sends "new" posts, not "all" posts so you are still needing to subscribe if you want to know more about a specific thread.

Hope that helps, wish it were a better one myself :)

The forum engine the BSS devs use really kinda stinks. There are much better ones out there. I wish they consider switching.

thanks, very much, Jo really appreciated - bit basic, duh! ;-D