License not arrived

Good Morning BootStrap Studio Developers, On 06/16/2017 I acquired the annual license of the software (US$ 25), through its website and waited the 10 minutes to receive the email. To date the email informing the license number has not arrived. The operator of my credit card has already confirmed the payment. You need to send the license. At your website, when I try to recover the license, the server reports: "We can not find this email address in our database". My purchase email was and my alternative email is The end of my credit card number is 8506. I am very upset about this situation and I hope that you will resolve it as soon as possible.


JC Lang

Could it be possible that you entered the mail address incorrectly ( not saying you have but this has happened with a user in the past)

You need to contact support rather than opening a post on the forums. This isn't the support area for purchases and if you contact Support directly (link in top right corner) you will most likely get a response much quicker than here.<br /> You also may want to have your email addresses removed from the forum post above as the forum is searchable by bots and email addresses are subject to search engine listings meaning they are available to the general public which includes spammers and scammers that are email harvesting.

I disaggree with you that directly contact support is much quicker, i have the same problem when i bought my license yesterday, still waiting for an answer after mailing and filling in the contact form and yes i did use the right emailaddress.

The payment has been charged (reserved) on my creditcard and i did get a mail from the paddle partner that they have to manually check my creditcard, although nothing wrong with it, i've been using it on the internet now for 22 years and i have never encountered any problems before until yesterday.

So now i'm still waiting for my paid license. To bad they don't have a temporary license so you can get on with your project.

Furthermore paddle claims that manually verifying the creditcard data takes at the most a couple of hours, by now that's almost 24 hours and didn't receive any notification other than a automatic reply from Paddle and none from Bootstrap Studio.

In all a lot of wasted time... and still no license.

And still the answer is the same. You waste your time posting here. The users on the forum can do nothing for purchase issues. Also, had you searched you would have noticed that most all of the issues for purchasing have occurred on weekends. This usually means the people in charge may not be there to do the licenses.

So, to repeat what many of us have said many times already, email the company again and see if they get an answer to you. Don’t waste your time posting here.

Oh no, you're wrong in that too. I did search and found out that there are way too many people complaining about license key delivery for Bootstrap Studio! Weekend or not, business goes on, especially on the internet. When people pay they expect value for their money. Don't blame them for posting it here on the forum, after Bootstrap Studio support fails to answer them. And obviously we are not wasting your time, since you like to answer to all the posts, don't you? So right now i'm not wasting my time, i'm only helping new people to be aware of the whereabouts on license key ordering here at Bootstrap Studio.

The product itself is great! That i must admit.

Yes, you are wasting my time not just yours, I keep a close watch on posts so I make sure I don't miss them (spammers have made it impossible to subscribe to them anymore). So when you post things that we can do nothing about, that the forums specifically have a message for at the very top of the Text box when posting new threads (apparently not for established threads which I guess should be remedied as well) that says:

The forum is not a place for support requests. If you have problems with your license, purchase or install, please contact us.

The "contact us" is a link on the original message which takes you to the Contact form rather than the forums.

So ... yeah ....

Here is another victim it seems... almost 1 year later, today i also paid online and purchased Bootstrap studio standard. Its been over 4 hours now. No license key to start my urgent work for which paid to get this. They claim in forums and everywhere within 15 minutes license key will arrive. Still non even in my Spam. And as jo says, the contact links are also useless since for over 1 hour still no response. As commodore64 said this a web business and email support should arrive within minutes. While await over weekend before I try to reverse payment, this it to make other people aware of this issue. Issue is not fixed over 1 year proved here. So it looks like a trap to me. No direct dialing phone numbers found on website as well. Its really disgusting behavior.

It's not a trap, it's just a glitch that happens periodically and it does no good for you to post things like this because you deter others from using the software and it's great software so please don't bad mouth over something they cannot always control. Remember, when you purchase any software these days, it's almost always through a 3rd party payment system so they don't know you didn't get your license unless you tell them. Why you didn't get an email answer if you emailed them, that I can't say, but I'm sure theres a reason and they are very busy. I don't know many businesses that answer an email within an hour unless they are very small and constantly check. Most businesses I don't get an answer for at least a day. Patience. They will get back to you. Please don't bad mouth the people and software before you have even given it a chance to try it.