License renewal fails - can't run Bootstrap Studio

I'm sorry to post to this forum about this, but I've sent several emails to [redacted] and not received a reply (the first time was on 10 July).

I purchased a license about 3 weeks ago but haven't been able to launch the program yet. I had a previous copy of the program which I uninstalled. Having installed the new version, a screen appears indicating I have to renew my license. I click this link where I can enter my new key. After this, a screen appears where I can choose to renew the license. I've done this and I can see my license is active until July 2019, but I still get the same message whenever I try to log on.

I'm sure there is an easy solution. I've included screenshots in my emails and I think I've made the problem clear. It's disappointing not to have received a reply.

Sorry that there have been no replies from us. I can't find any messages from your email address in our system. Will investigate this further.

As for the issue, you can try reinstalling/resetting the app. You can learn how this is done here:

All sorted now. Thanks for your help.