lightbox gallery cannot be inserted inside a column

It seems like it is possible to insert a lightbox gallery in a Body, fine. But Bootstrap studio refuses to insert a lightbox gallery inside a column. Is that an expected behavior? I don't know of such restriction in bootstrap, is that a limitation of the software?

By default the component has a DIV that contains the class "photo-gallery". It appears that DIV is what is causing this issue.

Here is how you can get around it.

Drag/drop the Lightbox Gallery to your project on the BODY element in the Overview pane. Expand the Block "Lightbox Gallery" in the Overview pane. Drag/drop the container to the column you want the gallery in the Overview pane. Drag/drop another DIV component into the same column in the Overview pane. Add class "photo-gallery" to the DIV in the HTML > Attribute pane. Drag/drop gallery's container onto that "photo-gallery" DIV in the Overview pane. Delete the Block "Lightbox Gallery" in the Overview pane.


Everything Saj says ... lol

Most likely this is due to the component having a "Container" setting on either the main block container or a container inside it. You cannot drag a container within another container so I'm going to guess you most likely have something set up as a container for your pages (as you should) and that is where the conflict comes from.

What Saj Says ... :)