Lightbox handles not showing when site is published.

Hi, As a complete newbie to website creation, I followed this excellent video tutorial by Bootstrap Studio themselves: Creating a Website with Bootstrap Studio

When previewed in a browser via B Studio's Preview button, the lightbox works correctly, and the handles (you know, the next, previous and exit icons) appear normally.

However, as a test, I published it on a Bootstrap Studio server by clicking the "Publish" button, and then opened the URL in my browser. This time, the lightbox still works, but the handle icons do not appear. They still work, since I can click normally on their supposed active areas, to navigate through the slides and exit the lightbox.

I need to mention that instead of linking to the lightbox 2 css and JS as described in the above tutorial, I imported them into my design, as well as the .gif and the .png images for the handles and loader icons.

Why is this not working when published, but OK when previewed? Thanks for your help!

I found out that I need to change the paths in lightbox.min.css from url(next.png) to url(../img/next.png), etc... when published. (because the console messages in the browser indicated that it was looking for those images in the assets/img/ folder.

But then, if I change those paths, they no longer work with the B. Studio Preview!

Any method to make it work both in the Preview and when published? Thanks!