Lightbox with more but smaller thumnails on a row

Can someone help me on how to change a lightbox gallery so it shows more but smaller images on one row? The current gallery shows a maximum of 6. I see that the columns have a class "col-sm-6 col-md-3 col-lg-2 item" but I do not see where this css comes from, or what the best way is to change it.

The reason for this question is that I am trying to create a site with a lightbox gallery that has over 80 images. The images vary in size (eg 680x500, 500x680, 360x720) and shows pictures of paintings that have different sizes. For each image I created a seperate thumnail that is 100x100px. The reason I have seperate thumnails, is that I do not like a gallery that has pictures with different sizes. It looks funny when the row height adjusts to the biggest one and the rest is till exempel only half the height.

Thanks, and btw... I love working with the bootstrap-studio!

Found the solution myself. When clicking on the column item you will get the option to make it smaller or larger in the line above the page. When doing this you see the numbers of 'row-columnsĀ“ change from 2 up or down in the column option pane. You need to do this for each screen size. This needs to be set for each column, so the best is to delete all columns but one, change this one to desired sizes and duplicate this. The only thing for me that remains now, is to find the optimum column and thumnail size.

Nice work getting this figured out on your own haasm. I think I have as much fun sometimes just playing around with the knobs and buttons as I do building the site! lol. Kudos and thanks for posting the info you found!