Link and UnLink


Selected object -> Copy to multiple pages -> "Link"

1) I Unlink the object in one of the other page. I want to link again, LATER (soon > Undo) I can't.

2) I Unlink the object "original" I change my mind LATER. I can't link again. If I click to "copy to", I make other copies.

Is there a way to Link and Unlink from original and from individual copie(s) ?

This should have been posted in the Help area rather than the Ideas forum, but either way ...

You should have read the information about linking before you did it I think. It does tell you that unlinking is permanent and to relink you need to redo that part completely by replacing it with a linked section again.

I personally have not had any issues with anything being actually considered a "original" linked item, but I don't usually unlink anything often so that could be why. What I did though to help make sure I didn't accidentally delete the original (in case it actually does matter) is to create a template page that I use as my original linking page. When I edit anything that is going to be something linked to, I edit it on that page and link from it. Keeps it simple and clean and you never lose your linking items that way unless you delete it from that page, which I'm not convinced will delete the entired linked process even. Guess I'll have to test that theory and see what happens.

Anyways, if you have the item on another page that is linked, just replace the one you unlinked and you will be fine.

Another way to safeguard if you're not sure if you will change your mind or not later is to "Hide" that part of the page if you're not using it at the moment, instead of unlinking it. Then replace it with whatever it is you want to use in it's place. This way the linked item still updates with anything it's linked to, and if you do change your mind later while you're developing the page, you can always "unhide" it and continue using it.

Either way though, there is no UNDO for linking, so practice care and use the tools above if they will help you. :)

Thank you Jo. I posted in the "Ideas", because I would write : Is there a way "IN A NEXT RELEASE" to Link and Unlink from original and from individual copie(s) ?

I see. I also forgot to mention, you don't "have" to link from the same original. Once you have something linked, you can use any of them to link to and they will all still be linked the same.