Link editing (Mac Version)

Ok, color me stupid here lol, but I cannot find any way to edit a link that I've added to an H1 tag. No attributes are editable apparently so I cannot change anything there, no link box to edit shows up in the Options area when I click the link in the HTML code, hitting the Link button on the Text Editor popup panel when I choose to Edit that link tag gives me a blank empty box instead of the link text I had entered in there for the link. Nothing seems to get me back to the original link I added so I can alter it at all.

I can't even find a way to remove the link either without having to replace the text that was in it before I added the links to it. Thought maybe I could just remove the link and redo it, but nope, no joy there either.

What am I missing here? I am sure it's something really obvious at this point since I've been working hard core since about 6:30 am this morning lol, my eyes are missing things I'm sure. Any guidance here would be appreciated. Thanks!

I noticed that the option depends on how you created the link. (Windows Version :P )

On a new project I dragged in a Heading then dragged in Link In the HTML pane I can select the link code and the Options pane has all the appropriate options including the Edit button (pencil).

I then dragged a second Heading in to the page and highlighted the wording and select the link button in the Layout View panes editor toolbar and updated the link URL etc.

When I switch between the 2 Headings link codes the Options pane is different for each link. The Dragged link code has the normal link Options pane options while the edited heading as a link only has the Heading options in the Options pane.

The Overview pane shows this difference as well.

If you have used the Layout View panes toolbar to set existing text as a link I think you will need to double click on that text in the Layout View pane to get into edit mode for it so you get the toolbar for it. You wouldn't get the Options pane for it.


Yeah, this had me stumped for a while too! My workaround is:

  1. Drag new link to anywhere on the page
  2. Edit the link
  3. Drag the link to the correct position


Ok sounds like we have a bug here then, I'll post it and thanks for the feedback guys. I will just have to remove and replace link code until it's fixed. I'll mess around with it some more to see the other ways of doing it and hopefully Martin will be around soon to let us know if this can be fixed. Thanks!

Thank you for starting this thread!

It is a known limitation of the app. Links created during text editing aren't separate components, but only a part of the parent element's HTML. To create a separate link component you need to drag and drop it from the library.

You can still edit the link created during text editing - select the text and click the link button in the Text Editing Bar. This will open a pop up where you can change the destination URL.

Hiya Martin,

That's the issue I'm having, it's not there to edit and just opens a blank box to add a URL in. I've even tried adding a new URL thinking maybe it would overwrite the one that was there, but it didn't do that either.

I am completely unable to use any of the suggested solutions above to modify the links in a Dropdown object. The options are not editable and I am unable to drag a link with the correct text into the options.

@zspath, are your dropdowns links visible? i.e. the dropdown is exposed.

If not, click somewhere else in the app then click on the text of the dropdown. Above the Layout View pane is a toolbar and the first option is "DROPDOWN" click the Open button to expose the content of the dropdown. You should then be able to select an edit the links.