Link Options for links added by highlighting and adding link

It seems currently in order to have options for a link (like adding a Target) you have to drag a link element into a paragraph. It would be great if that option was available for links created by highlighting text and adding a link.

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@floydmanfloyed I don't think you read my post. It stated we can add hyperlinks with the toolbar, but then there are no options available (like choosing a target for the link). In order to have options, you have to drag a link element into the paragraph. I just want the options to be available either way.

Hi Sungkhum. I get what you mean now.


++1 This has been an issue from day one I believe. There really needs to be all the settings of a normally dragged in link, in the link settings when you make text a link in the edit setup. Dragging links in can sometimes cause placement issues as well. Hopefully this will get some love one of these days, it's been a long time coming and I can't imagine that it's all that difficult to add the settings to the Edit area since the basic setup is already in the app for dragged in links.

+++1 :smiley: this seems essential doesnt it?!

Definitely. And it should be easy to add. All you’re doing is giving the link option in the menu the ability to select one of 4 targets.

If you want all external links have the target set to _blank then you can add this in a js file
jQuery(document.links).filter(function() {return this.hostname != window.location.hostname;}).attr('target', '_blank');

here is an example

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I don’t think either of those posts help the OP as their post is about making the edit area of the visual window behave as if we added a “link” component to the area. In the link component settings, you can set the target and a few other attributes via the options pane whereas with the creation of a link using text in a paragraph you don’t really get any settings at all. That’s what they are wanting to change, they aren’t after a script to work around it, it’s a suggestion guys, and a good one in my opinion, needed to be addressed years ago already :confused:

You must be kidding, if you want a link component in your paragraph then you drag and drop one there.
When you highlight a text and make it to a link , is it all about how you write your link. I can make a link open a modal, show a video in the top right corner or load a new page and choose what target I want without needing a link component

You’re preaching to the choir there Kuli, I’m with you on that, but … I was just clarifying the reason for the OP’s post. That they are not looking for work arounds, they are asking for the link features of the text editor to function like adding a link into a sentence would. Stands to reason to me that either way should work the same, there shouldn’t be less features to making text a link. If that’s the case, then maybe remove the linking feature in the text editor as it’s featureless other than that you can make it a link. Most people will want to make their links open in a new page etc. which they cannot do because the text links don’t have that attribute to choose etc.

Anyways, it was just a clarification. I’m with you on the rest, I drag them in, but … I would use it from the text editor if it had the features it should have. Would be easier and faster than having to drag a link into a sentence and such. :slight_smile: