Link properties for in paragraph/headings links

So I was playing around with links today and realized (very nicely I must admit) that if I copy a paragraph from a web page or other external document, and if that text has a link in it, it does transfer the link intact. Very nice! I haven't played with links within text in quite a while as it's not practical for one little reason, hence my suggestion:

There is no way to add any attributes to those types of links. So ... I'm hoping this is something easily done, and I'm sure I recall asking for it a very long time ago, but I couldn't find the post sorry.

Anyways, it was brought up this past week and since the links "do" have a nice popup window for editing the links or removing them, why not give us just a couple attribute basics. They don't have to be full fledged unless you are able to do that easily of course. Basics for me would be

Target= Title=

That's it really, I don't see much else needed there so maybe it's something doable? This way if we want to work with just a quick little link added to text, we have a bit more control without having to do the "drag a link into a paragraph" work around every time. Would really save us a lot of headaches and ease our linking abilities within paragraphs.


+1 on this. I'd love to be able to add/edit attributes.