Linked component error

Hello, I often use linked componet, but it seems sometimes doesnt work properly - the changes I make on that linked component did not update/rewrite the every page with the same linked code.

For example as a linked componet I have div with list of links as submenu. The first copied page I made as a duplicate, then I Copy Paste parts of code as Linked Componet. (Then I delete and paste linked element on the very first original page too). Every other page is made as duplicated *.html.
When adding 1 more item in the DIV, component works as expected - it was added on every single page. But when I tried to change an anchor text on other item of the same linked element, the change did not applied on every page. See the video:

This is not my first experience with this odd behaviour on linked components and it very frustrating, especially if I have many pages in the project.

Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?


I don’t think you can have a linked component within a linked component.
Your navbar is a linked component and your list component in the navbar is also a linked component.
Unlink the submenu list and it will work

the submenu is not inside the navbar. watch the video above

Sorry you’ve run into problems! Could you send us the design at It would really help us figure out what is going wrong.

Also, you don’t have to delete the original linked component and redo it if that’s what you meant in your post. There’s no need for that.

seems I am not the only one with the same issue…
problems described in this thread look like mine How can i find the origin of a linked component

It was answered in the first reply by me. There isn’t one. All components linked together are equal.