Linked Components

No idea if this is possible :smiley:

I know how to Copy and Paste as a Linked component, Would it be possible to make that tie in with User Components ?

Mostly thinking here about Headers and Footers, but could also be overall CSS changes. Here I’m thinking back to what I could do years ago with Dreamweaver.

Kind of insert Linked Component, well exactly that. Needs some thought but obviously can only be User Components.


I have absolutely no idea what you just said lol. Was there a question in there? Try seeing if you can clarify it a bit more by telling us what it is you need help with. Are you trying to make linked compoments to add to your library? If so, then no, I don’t believe that would work because it wouldn’t have a parent to link to in any way, it would be a separate entity for the most part. Not sure if that’s what you meant, but that’s about all I could grasp of your post :stuck_out_tongue:

Like jo-r said it’s hard to see what your specifically saying. If you’re talking about an element like a button or a link then the href link does copy over with it. You can duplicate it or copy and paste it.

You can only have one page open at a time. You insert a library component to the open page, then copy it to your other pages as a linked component, I cannot see any quicker way to do it than that. What would saving a linked component to your library change as compared to saving an ordinary component. What would the “linked” aspect do?