Linking a Navigation to the same page

Hello every one,

iam just looking to link a Nav text to some where in same page its like kind of Anchor can any one help me ? i cant edit the HTML code here is a screenshot link Thnxs in Advance.

Drag the link component into your text, then go to the options panel in the upper right and enter the name of your anchor in the URL (example... #myanchor) Then select the component on the page where you want the link to jump to, and give that component the same ID name as you entered in the Link Options (myanchor) by adding it in the HTML>Attributes panel in the ID field.

@Printninja: Thanxs or your comment. I tried alot but its not working. please look the screenshot. Link 1: Link 2:

Thanks in advance

If the anchor ID you have chosen is 1, then your URL should be (pagename)/#1 where the (pagename) is the name of your HTML page without parenthesis. For example, if the link and the anchor are on your home page, the URL for the link would be index.html/#1

You must include the correct syntax for the path /#1

IDs are prefaced by the # (pound) sign in HTML

In the attributes window at the bottom, in the ID field you would simply write the number 1, no # sign. (The program adds that itself, as you will note in the generated HTML code)

@Printninja: Thank you so much for your help.. it has worked perfectly. Regards