List links don't have access to attribute or options pane

I was searching to see if this had already been stated but I couldn't find it.

I was working with a List and I selected the text and was able to use the toolbar to set it as a link. However, what I noticed is that the link then doesn't have the options similar to if I had dragged a link to the <*li>. There is no ATTRIBUTE or OPTIONS pane access for the link. This means I can't give it a class but I also have to select the <*li> in order to edit the HREF which seems a little less intuitive than it being converted to a link component which I think I would have expected.

I know that the Dev's where looking into reworking the Text Editor part of the app so I just wanted to keep this thought still in process.


Thank you for opening this thread! This is a known limitation in the program - the links that you create when editing text and clicking the "Link" button are not the same as link elements that are dragged and dropped into the page. The former is not a real component, but inline content, which is why no options are available on it. I hope that we will be able to fix this issue in the future when we do a complete rewrite of the text editing functionality. Right now other features like Bootstrap 4 support has priority so this will have to wait for a while.