Live preview does not work on other devices

Hello everyone,

I have been using Bootstrap Studio for a while now and I still love it. However, I am having issues with the 'Live Preview' at the moment. Only one link works - but only on my computer. I tried visiting the link on my smartphone and a tablet, but both do not connect.

Although it is not a major problem for me and I probably just need to do something with my router settings, I could use some help!

Thanks in advance,


Have you uploaded the site to test the links? Unless you're using absolute links, you most likely won't have them working in previews at all. If you're using absolute links and still having these issues, you'll need to provide more information so we can see what the page is doing. Link to the uploaded site would help.

This is weird. Did you use absolute links? If it's due to your router, check this: It will help you solve different router issues.