Load custom compiled bootstrap js, jquery js and css files

Hello, is there a way to load custom (reduced) bootstrap and jquery files with a custom theme (modified colors, fonts....) already modified in the necessary files ?

I dont understand why you just put the necessary files into a subfolder where the user can place customized modified files - if he wants to - or give a function.

Worst thing that can happen is that the files must be overwritten again.

I think this is not much work for a programmer to load these files from an external path if the user wants to.

At least it is much easier to use themes from http://bootswatch.com/ http://bootstrap-live-customizer.com/ without the need to load more than the needed css files.

I know we can load custom themes, but at the cost of an extra file and google don't like this.

I also know that the files could be replaced before uploading, but this is no solution because you wouldn't see the colors while editing.

Thanks Ralle