Lock Page in Center when on mobile?

I made my first website with Bootstrap Studio, I really like the tool.

My only problem I can't figure out by myself is how to "lock" the page in position when viewing on mobile (iPhone to be specific).

If you go to almost any popular webpage on a iPhone (ex: google, bootstrapstudio.io) when you swipe left or right the entire body won't move. On my website when scrolling if you swipe too much to the left or right the entire page will move in that direction. How do I lock the site to prevent this from happening?

Thank you in advance.

The only reason the page would scroll horizontally on mobile is if you somehow created a component that is wider than the actual breakpoint width (360px.) A properly built page will not scroll side to side.

It's also very hard to know exactly what your issue is if you don't post a link to the website so we can view it and the code.