Locking a Style Sheet

Hi everybody,

Here’s my problem. I started a new project from a blank page, built the navbar etc. I have a template page from Envato Elements I want to use. When I import the page and it’s elements it takes over my narbar. I tried renaming my style sheet before i imported but it still didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?


Sounds like you may have imported a stylesheet that may contain Bootstrap code. Sometimes they bundle all the css into one stylesheet which may have included the Bootstrap css. Since Bootstrap Studio is already using the latest version (found in the settings) you should probably remove the Bootstrap code found in your stylesheet. Usually its first in the stylesheet. Probably why your navbar has changed. Bootstrap Studio also tells you if you are importing a theme if there is Boostrap css and js seperate as files. Usually you want to uncheck those.

Thank you for your input. Stupid me, should have just went in to the style sheet. It was well organized, so I just deleted the navbar section. All good!