Login Form broken

I just bought the latest version of Bootstrap Studio, but adding (drag'n'dropping) the preinstalled login form from the sidebar to an empty page just results in an empty window with nothing but the system menu bar. Any idea what could go wrong? I am using 2.4.5 on x64 Linux.

Just did some testing, mb this helps to identify the bug: I started Bootstrap Studio from terminal, I do not get any output beside:

(electron) ipc module is deprecated. Use require("electron").ipcMain instead.
(electron) loadUrl is deprecated. Use loadURL instead.

My workflow is as follows: Start Bootstrap Studio > Create New Design > Blank Then, there are two ways:

  • right click "Login Form Clean" > "Insert into Body"
  • Drag & Drop "Login Form Clean" onto the design preview

Both ways result in the same behaviour: the whole application window (not just the design preview) empties, only system menu bar is left. Clicking a menu bar entry does nothing.

Edit: maybe I should mention, that the same bug happens with "Login Form Dark". The other predefined forms seem to work, as well as the "basic" controls such as input and text boxes, banners etc.

I've done a few tests, on windows10 that component works fine. On a old laptop with Linux Mint 18 no problem too.

Yes, I went to another machine and it seemed to work there. So I suppose the problem only occurs under certain circumstances. So does it require any specific version of electron/freetype/pango? What are the dependencies anyways? QT? GTK? If there would be a list, I could crosscheck what the problem could be...

Sorry that you've run into problems! Which distro are you using? Is it the same distribution that you use on the other machine?

Hello! I am using Arch Linux (on both machines).

So any news on this? I tried version 2.5 but it still does not seem to work. What can I do to figure out what might be going wrong? Would it help to provide some strace logs maybe? And could you please tell me what dependencies are actually needed?

Sorry for the lack of replies, we are spread very thin during the holidays.

Arch is not a supported distribution by Bootstrap Studio, unfortunately, and I don't know what could be causing the issue. It is even stranger that you use Arch on both machines, and one seems to work fine.

Bootstrap Studio is written using the Electron framework, so probably this issue is universal for all such apps and somebody has already figured out a solution.