Logs for debugging

I do not see a function to turn on logging and see if there’s any error happening on the background which fails the process. I wanted to publish an updated page to the bss subdomain already being in use for the same site, but it fails silently without any notification or a message. Just nothing happens in the UI. I’m not aware of the system status at this moment. So if there’s an option to include a sort of debugging logs, would be better for the bug-reporting as well. WDYT?

Kind regard

You have the console.log in your browser. Take a look there

Oh, great! So can you show me the source code which I can run in the dev mode to debug the Electron app ? I thought it’s not open-source since developers sell the license, so I shouldn’t be able to read the source code, right? Though some other apps allow to turn on the debug mode or some sort of verbosity, so that if a button in UI fails, you could see error messages in logs. I can of course go try get the source code of Bootstrap Studio via ASAR, but honestly if the app is sold by license, I would prefer to kindly ask devs if they have capacity to consider this feature in the app. Does this sound logical for you @kuligaposten ?