Long Text : Another alternative to multiple


I am writing the Privacy Policy of my website and I have a question that's kind of dumb. Do I have to drag and drop a


p> element for every paragraph of my Policy? It's kind of weird to do this 25 times!

Is there a way to copy-paste from Word/Pages?

You can drag the < p> element and then you can duplicate it.

Once you drag it in, select that element in either Overview pane/HTML pane or the Live View pane. This will display a toolbar to the top left of the highlighted element in the Live View pane. One of the icons looks like 2 pieces of paper on top of each other, that's the duplicate icon just click it however many times as you need.


I would also advise against using copy and paste directly from Word or Page (haven't tested pages) as Word has a copying from word has a tendency to add and remove things to and from the styling. One of the biggest problems I've had with copying directly from Word is it likes to remove spaces between words. This can add a lot more work to your load if you have to go through each paragraph and correct spacing. I'm on a Mac, and I don't know if the Windows version does this, but either way, copying directly from Word or Word type programs shouldn't be done. You should copy your text to a basic text editor like Notepad or better yet, if you're on Windows, use Notepad++. This will strip any of the extra hidden style attributes as well as allowing the spacing function to stay correct.

If you do as saj suggests then you will retain 100% drag and drop flexibility and full options for aligning text etc using the tools options,

However if all you want to do is load this quickly thee is an alternative which will speed you up but will mean you lose all drag and drop options and that is to convert your paragraph component into a custom code block.

You can then code your line breaks in manually but do as jo says, copy your text into notepad editor first and then copy the lot from their and your good to go

So the choice is yours, fully flexible option saj detailed or quick and manual editing option I've just listed.

I think saj's option is best here, but also wanted to offer up another way.

With as easy as it is to hit the little blue box in the top left corner of each element in the visual preview it's as easy as that to duplicate with the Duplicate button on there.

I create one, alter it for any styling that I want to have in my paragraphs/headings/lists/etc. and once I'm satisfied with that one I duplicate it as many times as I need.

Now when I add the text to each paragraph they are all ready to go and all have the applied classes needed. Trust me, once you get used to this, it's actually the same as hand coding each paragraph. In the end you are usually doing the same setup and duplicating the code block and inserting the text after, so really it's not much different and is a whole lot easier to manage the class changes. :)