{Look and Feel} section comfort

Hi, When using the {Look and Feel} section, the standard is: writing the styles to an element.style

I think a new user can quickly style his site, but he will use the element.styles as they are used per standard. I got myself, while quickly changing things, writing the element.styles and afterwords I cannot find the mistake in my CSS-Files :)

I think it better to use the class of the styled element as standard.

And a second thing:

When creating a new Style in the {Look and Feel}, in the "Style Attribue" Dropdown the "Create new CSS-Block" can be used. Die new style appears in the STYLES. But when starting to set the height, width, or someting... it is written to the element.style again!?!?

Normally I want to click a Component, and then set the style by creating an new CSS-Block and then do my design... But there is a need to press [ENTER] after creating that CSS-Block. Why???

I think it's better to add that [ENTER] directy while creating that block, so nobody can write element.styles per accident.