Look & Feel SM|MD|LG|XL

It would be really nice to have a dropdown for each size like we have the dropdown for the alignment on a column. For me would be nice to have a different font size for the sizes of pages. Along with the Width, height, padding, and margin.

That's all done with the CSS of your site. I personally would rather it stay that way where it's more controlled manually than by the flip of a switch or button or slider/dropdown item. That way you know where you need to go to change it, if everything starts going into buttons and switches it starts adding too many places to have to check for changes.

Also, there is also a way to do some this built into the Look and Feel tab of the Options pane. You can use the dropdown there to choose a style location for the CSS to be written including already existing classes and the ability to create a new class and tell it what file to go into. Once you do that, it will remember that until either you change it to another file location, or your session ends (you close the program). That allows you to change any settings there you need to change on your page. Just be sure to choose a location for the CSS so you don't end up with a ton of inline styling on your HTML page.

Just be sure to choose a location for the CSS so you don’t end up with a ton of inline styling on your HTML page.

that should be a BSS default.

All the rest is basic html, css and bootstrap website building. And I'd say @martin should point out more clearly that BSS is not a point and click software for beginners, but a tool to speedup mockups, prototypes, and small websites. People with no knowledge that need just to build a single website should consider paying a pro. Without a few years of studying results would be disappointing.

I understand what you're saying. Doing manual work isn't hard, but it would be a nice feature to have in the program to speed up and improve sites. For example, adding your own css to the small width site, it creates or adds to the css for your specific site itself. Is it a 'need' or a must-have, no. I think it would be a nice touch to the program is all.

Then maybe something like Webflow or Wix would be what you need? This app isn't that type of app. It's not something that is going to do every little thing for you without you having to have some knowledge to adjust things. I personally want that control, I don't want the app to do every little thing for me.