Lost my project file

laptop is dead, hard drive is dead. Is there a way to download the project file binary of the published website from the free bss hosting?

The only thing that you can do, is download all your files via the browser from your site and then convert the html using https://html2bsdesign.com/

And the other think you will definitely want to do from now on is save your projects either on another drive for backups and/or in a cloud service so that doesn’t happen to you again.

Not the .bsdesign file. That only exists on the device where you were working. But you can download the HTML files.

I hate giving this advice to people who’ve just lost their data to a hardware failure. Most of us have had it happen at some point.

For future reference, the best thing you can do (once you’re back up and running) is buy an external USB backup drive and backup your Bootstrap Studio backup folder on a daily basis. I actually have triple redundancy. I backup my work drive to a second internal drive every night, and then also back up to an external drive each day, and I also backup everything to a cloud storage account once a week.

Another useful option that may work well is to configure Google drive on the computer, save the bss files in the drive folder, they are always updated and available for any device in the future.