Make an Import function reciprocal of Export

A suggestion : The Export function exports to a directory, with an “assets” folder containing css, js, img etc. But the Import function is not reciprocal. It would be great to be able to re-import the exported directory. This would greatly simplify using external tools.

Happy new year


Seems logical and doable if a proper structure is followed.

+1 yep... Import would be an option where I pay another fee :)

Thanks for the suggestion! This will be useful to a lot of people. The only problem is that the imported HTML pages won't be parsed into Bootstrap Studio components, but as custom code. We've discussed this quite a bit in the forums, but a simple explanation is that this is similar to how you open a JPG in Photoshop but you don't see layers.

I understand a retro-engeenering would not be possible from html file. I did'nt meant importing html, but re-importing the content of the BSS export : html pages and asset folder. I am very satisfied in using BSS as a main tool to generate templates. But I happen to modify values like ID, font-size, padding, colors external tool. Or I change images (the content of the image file, not the filename). There surely would be many constraints to observe, but could-it be possible to reimport after some small changes to values, not structure ? It may be what BSS_User had in mind by saying "if a proper structure is followed".