Make BootStrap Studio 5 for Windows behave like a normal Windows program.

If you close and reopen a maximised Windows program it's supposed to open as maximised not a normal restored Window the same size. If you then hit restore it's supposed to change to the last size and position it was when it was in the restored state. Why can't Bootstrap Studio 5 manage that like all other Windows programs?

Does that on Mac :P So yeah, it should do that on Windows.

On Mac it seems to remember the last size it was, which is really all I want it to do anyways :)

I don't seem to have any problem with the BSS window remembering it's size, or going from minimized to maximized, at least on Windows 7, with BSS 4.xx

right click on the shortcut for BSS

choose Properties

change open normal to maximised

save it

and BSS will always open maximised

I happen to like being able to switch my programs between a favourite smaller sized and located small window and full screen.

I would personally like to see them work on some of the other user suggestions that affect things like using the app on multiple screens than worrying about whether or not an app opens the way every other windows app opens, as long as there is a way to do it, which Kuli... suggested for you. Just my opinion of course, but this seems pretty trivial compared to a lot of the requests.

Having said that, I don't want the devs to think it shouldn't be done, just prioritizing is all I'm asking for :)

Nobody has suggested any way of doing it. I want it to open the same size as it was when I closed it and when it's maximized I want to be able to restore it with the restore button and have it restore to the last size and position it was last time it was in that state. Unless it was written with some brain dead broken framework it must have been deliberately broken by someone ignorant.

I just tested that on my windows laptop ( I use it mostly on my Mac ), and it does exactly what you are wanting it to do. I opened it, resized it, closed it and when I opened it it was the same size, I resized it smaller and did the same thing, when I reopened it, it was the same smaller size.

I then maximized it and hit the restore (square button in top right corner is what I am assuming you mean?) and it went right back to the small size it was before I restored it.

Sounds like it might be an isolated issue on your end that you may want to reinstall it and see if that helps? Not sure what else to tell you on it, it already does what you're asking for.

Why does nobody else but me know how Windows works? Size your program window, now maximise it, close it open it again and restore. DOESN'T WORK.