Make change on one page to affect all pages

Hi am new here... How do I make changes on index.html to affect all other pages(about.html and others) like it's done in dreamweaver where you can make a template with editable regions and apply to all or some pages?... because I don't wanna do the same changes on all pages... Will be glad if someone can help.

Hey Joe,

Im new just like you, I found the following very useful!

I have linked the timestamp that I believe will be of most use to you:

Bootstrap Studio Tut

I made a shared html page where I will update all my linked components and then a template page ontop of that to duplicate for specific needs. Hope it helps.

Cheers, Rob.

There isn't any type of "Editable Regions" setup in BSS at all, but if you watch the tutorials that are already on the website (points to the menu at the top) you'll find information on how to do this.

@Catbert: You're over thinking this for BSS as there really isn't a "master template" system involved here. If you link something together on a couple pages or more, you can edit that item on any page and it will update them all. No need to know which one is the Master :)

Thanks Catbert and Jo... I really appreciate your consent