Make HTML highlighter on Search selections trigger Attibutes, Overview & CSS

Not sure how to word this so here goes first try lol.

When you search and hit the arrows to go to next or previous, it would be nice if the attributes would change to the ones highlighted as you click through them, to save time having to go down and click the highlighted one to change the Attributes, Overview and CSS panes to the highlighted ones. Just a click saver, but if you're searching for something, that usually means you're trying to change something so it makes sense that you wouldn't want to have to click to it manually and just edit what's needed to edit right away.

This would also give us an even more invaluable tool in being able to just use the search to make sure you have changed all instances of either code, attributes or CSS in one arrow button click, instead of having to click every single highlighted item in the Search. This would make it a whole lot easier to check your work in one search click rather than dozens of them, to see if your changes were made or if you missed anything etc.

Thoughts on this anyone else?

@Jo, I think a simple way to phrase this request might be:

Automatically select the component that corresponds to the HTML element containing the currently highlighted string.

I would add that the HTML "finder" should NEVER JUMP BACK TO THE TOP when a change is made to the selected component.

Thanks Tony, that does make it more official looking :)

+1 Also I agree 1000% about it not jumping back to the top! It should stay right where it is during changes, especially since you are changing what is highlighted or something very close in proximity to the highlighted! Very good point!

@Jo, I hope that I restated your idea accurately ... because I agree with you 1000%.

Jumping back to the top -- I'm working an an excruciatingly large form and I can't even guess how many times I've fixed something on the 37th occurrence of a string, only to have to click the forward icon 38 times to fix a similar problem on the 38th occurrence. No, I can't just go backward from the top a few times because #38 is, for example, the 38th of 146. I guess my use of the HTML "finder" may be an edge case (perhaps a corner case), but not restarting the search at the top should(?) be a fairly simple change.