Make it possible to use BSS for collaborative work

As many people have suggested, the current way of storing the entire project in the .bsdesign file is a big problem when more than 1 person wants to work on the project.

Even if changing the way projects are stored isn't possible, please, make it so that we can import the entire project from an exported one so that BSS can be used in larger companies with more than 1 Front-end developer working at the site at the same time!

I really wish I had known that this is not a current feature before my purchase as this might prevent us from using BSS companywide. As it stands now, the only use I can find for BSS is making the initial design mockup/template and then moving to other tools, but having paid 60$ I really wish I could use this tool companywide.

I believe there to be financial benefits from making this as this is one of the main features that big companies need.