Make Labels editable by double-click or shortcut

Hi, editing Labels in the overview pane is a pain :-) Select Entry, right-click, label entry ... that's 3 clicks (left & right mixed)

As a user I want to edit the label as fast as possible. Either via double click or a shortcut (L).

I would like to see this as well, and would like to extend this to editing Custom Code too. We can double click Custom Code in the Preview pane, open it via a single click on the code buttons, but we have to right click it in the Overview pane in order to get the menu and click Edit. Would be really nice to double click Custom Code on the Overview list to open that edit feature just like with double clicking the element in the Preview Pane.

Don't see the value myself.

Then you must not use labels like we do :P I use them a lot. And I customize my Custom Code constantly as well, so I would find it a great value, even if you don't :P