Make the bottom panel move

Moving the bottom panel will make more room for you.


Is this stay, I will be very happy to use in my 2 monitors well.

Is there a question in there @hosung-choi ? You can already slide those panels left and right by clicking and holding the dividing line between them (left and right). Likewise you can also click and drag up and down between the HTML and Attributes panels to change the amount of space each has. Also you can click and drag at the top edge anywhere in the HTML and Styles panels to drag that up and down. Not sure if that was a question you wanted answered or … ?

I think what @hosung-choi is saying is that it would be good if the attributes could be to the right instead of under the html tree. Never thought of it before but it would be beneficial, or could be good to have it so it could go as another tab in the right (styles) box

Think he means having 3 columns in the panel instead of 2. Seems like a good idea to me. It would make it easier to see the html. :+1:

3 panel options would be great, along with perhaps zen mode similar to Vs Code.

Ahhh I see now, thanks @richards for that clarification.

+1 for a 3 panel option as well.